Scouts @ District Camp

17 July 2016

19 Scouts attended the District camp at Adamswell, they enjoyed the following activities:

  • 11km hike from Adamswell to Groombridge and Harrisons Rocks and back. Those that found it hard persevered and kept pushing on.
  • Abseiling tower where even those who didn’t descend went to the top of the tower and overcame their fears.
  • Aerial runway followed by blindfolded aerial runway descents!
  • Camp fire songs and skits.
  • Undefeated tug of war champions not only beating all other groups individually but beating all other groups combined at the end too!☺
  • Self sufficient washing up and drying – yes they can do it!
  • Put up and struck down tents and camp which is a long, tiring and arduous process.

There were lots of great moments throughout and my two favorite quotes from the weekend were ‘Will tomorrow be as awesome as today?’ and ‘Do you always have this fantastic food at camps?’

Check out the photos.